Monday, February 15, 2010

frustration, pitches, and more procrastination.

News flash: I can't write copy for things if you don't get me the backup materials you promised me, person who hired me. this is frustrating.

Also frustrating is that I have no faith in myself lately. I had already sent a request for a contact to a particular magazine before I bothered to look at the masthead myself. It's got two people I worked with at My Favorite Job, plus an editor who I've written for at two other publications. Who asked me for pitches when she went to this job. In other words, I had excellent contacts already; why did I assume I didn't?

Anyway, helluva pitch, and now I'm off to write some copy without knowing what the hell I'm writing about, because it's due and I don't miss deadlines.

Happy Presidents' Day! Also known as National I'm Cranky Day! oh wait, that's every day. YAY.