Monday, March 19, 2012

Will Blog For Clothes

My latest client is an amazing clothing designer, my total favorite. They love my writing and are patient with my overzealous wordiness, probably because their editorial director is also from magazines. It's a great feeling.

Not such a great feeling is when there's a last-minute correction that I need to do ... and I'm spending the morning doing my shift at my daughter's co-op. This happened Friday, and it felt awful. I'm careful not to look at my phone during that shift, because the teachers understandably want us to focus on the kids, and I, for one, can easily spend the whole time playing dodge-child, whapping their heads away with my left hand while scrolling through my Twitter feed with the right. Plus, Friday was just a clusterschtup, with all of us awakened by my phone's alarm telling us it was time to leave the house. Followed immediately by Penny sobbing that she didn't want to go to school and needed me by her side AT ALL TIMES. Oy. By lunchtime, the morning teacher was ready to throttle me, the other working parents, and probably the kids as well, and I can't blame her. And the whole time, my client was waiting for a response. Master of none!

SO it's Monday, and fiddle dee dee, today is another day. Time to make up some work, and create some good will for the next clusterschmuck.