Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yeah, not blogging for Babble anymore either. That was a frustrating experience, but onward and upward.

I wrote yet another personal essay for MyDaily because I just never learn that it's an embarrassing and uncomfortable experience to mine one's past humiliations for a buck. I've got so darn many of them! Anyway, the response was really wonderful. I got many supportive emails and comments. And then I got a call from a TV producer! He works for a news show and wanted to do a segment on my story.

Only trouble is, there's really no story unless one of the two bullies in the story (who apologized via Facebook) would appear on the show. I approached them both, but who would do that, seriously? I can't blame them both for being like "uh yeah hm howbout NO." I'm the one who wants to get flown to NYC.

Oh well. On the upside, it spurred me to get back in contact with my agent and suggest that this is a hot enough topic to maybe warrant a book proposal. Annnnnd on the downside, I still haven't heard back from her. Does this mean I call? Durr.