Monday, April 02, 2012

Six Words On Jewish Life

Ho ho! I'm a super hipster! You're probably familar with Smith Magazine's Six-Word Memoirs. Recently they asked for six-word roundups of people's Jewish identity. I submitted several, probably because I was on deadline at the time (see the blog's title). I have no idea which one(s) they have decided to include in their latest book, "Six-Word Memoirs On Jewish Life," but include they did, according to an email I just opened.

You should totally buy it, but mine would be one (or more!) of these:

I'm not yelling! This is talking!
Don't let the surname fool you.
Half Jewish, half Armenian: All survivor.
I believe in G-d! Sort of.

Which one do you think they liked? Which one do YOU like? I think the first one is my personal fave. Anyway, it's not exactly a byline, but I love it.