Friday, September 22, 2006

Loving My Editors, Part I

I've been working my sizeable tuchus off for the past few weeks, to the point where I can't even post, for reals now. I finally finished a few days ago and now I just have to catch up with the other deadlines I missed while working on One Big Project. Yay. Dull roar of work rather than shrieking gale.

But that's not the point. The point is, my editor at one magazine just sent me this:

BTW ... our founder and EIC commented specifically on your
stories and said you were really good and funny. She never does that.
I love me. Yay yay for me. Starting the new year off with a bang. Woo!


ThursdayNext said...

L'Shana Tovah, Coz! I love "Me" aka YOU, too! Of course your stories are really good and funny.

the beige one said...

Awesome good news, AmyK! Will you post here if anything goes online? Or where it's been published?

the beige one said...

oh, duh, there it is on the left...

Madfoot said...

no no this latest isn't posted yet.

okay now it is. (it might take blogger a couple hours to catch up though.)

I'd like to note at this juncture that I actually submitted the hed "Cuervo Is For Assholes," knowing they couldn't possibly use it, but they actually came pretty darn close... cooooool!