Monday, December 11, 2006

Insanely Juggling Alternate Activities

Yesterday I missed my groovy improv workshop because I had to hunker down and do 5 hours of boring edit-y stuff that I didn't do on Friday.

Now I have to do a couple more hours of this editing, which is why I just took the time to post (over there, on the left. your left. YOUR LEFT. down. scroll down. there ya go) my two-years-ago appearance on an NPR quiz show in which I couldn't remember whether Donald Rumsfeld or Dick Cheney had just gone to Iraq; hear my desperate vamping, be amused.

Stay tuned; I have two super seekrit video projects that will surely take the place of any other productive work this week. I've bought out almost all of eBay, people. Oh yeah. It's a big week for procrastination.


Madfoot713 said...

OMG! This doesn't have anything to do with your blog or anything, but I did a google search on Madfoot, and found you! I came up with my internet name about four years ago when me and my friend were thinking of nicknames, and I picked this one (Minus the 713)!

Sorry, I just thought that was really wierd. <_< I'm a fourteen year old Nintendo fanboy who's obsessed with Star Wars. Basically, I came up with this name because my favorite character in Harry Potter was Sirius Black, and I'm mad (crazy). Where'd you come up with Madfoot?

Madfoot said...

Wait, but wouldn't that make you Madblack or Blackfoot or something?

Anyway, this is hilarious. The reason my name is Madfoot is this: I used to have an obese cat named Frida. When I picked her up against her will, she would stick her foot out in a very bored yet angry way, which usually meant she was about to do a crazy ninja twisty maneuver to get out of my arms. One time, I was holding her, and my sister said, "Uh oh, watch out -- she's got Madfoot."

When the time came to pick an email addy, that's what I thought of, and it stuck. Voila: weirder than you thought, and also more boring.

Madfoot said...

Wow, I can't believe it's been two years or so (probably more like a little more than one, but whatever). I seem so immature there -.- lol. To clarify, the character whose name mine is based off of, his nickname was "Padfoot". that's where the nickname came from,for me ^_^.

Haha, cute story. I've always sorta wanted a cat myself (we have a dog, but he's kinda getting old :( ). I notice you've been updating your blog recently this month, too... maybe you've got yourself a reader, haha. Freelance journalism is cool (which is what I gathered from skimming around your blog).