Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm a blurber, too.

Oh, this is cool. Back when I wrote for AOL/Lemondrop, I interviewed the author of Sex At Dawn, an amazing book about monogamy, fidelity, and bonobo apes that you really must read. And he blurbed me! Or I blurbed him. I'm in his blurbs. We're blurbing. Someone who works at CafeMom alerted me to this because she'd just finished the book and wanted to discuss it in depth. How cool! Also: I need a book group.

But mostly, I'm so flattered, and I so miss writing for AOL. Those were really fun stories. Well, that just means I should pitch some more. So off I go.

It's Saturday night, by the way. Husband and I are sitting with our laptops facing each other, both working. It's a huge relief to be catching up, but now I have to forge ahead. Yep, big night in for mommy and daddy. 

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KJ said...

You can too link your comments on Motherlode! Just click on the date...
I blurbed once too, on the paperback of a book I really loved, from a Slate review--I felt SO COOL!