Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today, right now, I do two pieces: one and a corporate one. I am going to do both. This despite my spending 2 hours grinding through my in-box. I also applied for yet another job.

What's with recruiters suddenly being the new used car salesmen? Only used car salesmen didn't call you at home on a weekend to ask if you wanted this new car they just found. And then ask you to do all this stuff to GET the new car and then ignore you after you send them what they asked for, which took hours out of your weekend work days.


I'm putting it here and will report back when each thing is done. What are you going to work on today?
I'll race you.

UPDATE: Both pieces done, 3 hours later, not too bad. However, I thought one was being done a day early when, in fact, it was a day late. Editor forgives me. I love him. 

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madkey said...

You did itin, almost, atimely manner.Congrats