Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Six Words Approacheth

Jeesh. My pal Jessica brought me to a very cool literary event, schmoozing with famous writers, part of the Litquake party. Actually, they were all people I've schmoozed with anyway, fancy fancy me, but I still had an amazing time. But. I also was reminded, because I kept talking about it, that Six Words is coming up THIS THURSDAY, and now I'm getting nervous.

I like being nervous, but I really want to do well, so I should also rehearse. I also would love to get my hair did, but I just got the car's brakes did, and that kind of means the bank account also got did. So I didn't. Get my hair did.

I did, however, write some pretty funny stuff for Recipe.com, as well as some procrastinatey comments on the Motherlode blog that I REALLY HOPE the world gets to see. It was pretty much the same as my recent post on PeeGee, but nobody sees that, so.

All right. Back to work. Also I have color on my head for like an hour longer than I'm supposed to and I think it's settled in my lungs.

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h.e. outlaw said...

You crack me up. I really enjoy reading your posts. I need the humor that you provide in the way you piece together your words and thoughts. I'm excited to keep reading.