Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Telephone Conundrum

In general, my quality of working life is as good as it can be. A couple of years ago, I made a decision out of total desperation to STOP working for less than a certain dollar amount per post. It's simply unrealistic for me to think "oh, I'll just write the posts faster." I don't write them faster. I write everything at the same rate, because my name is on them and it's not worth it to me to suck in public. This has worked out: after a few lean months, I fell into a great pattern with solid clients.

But when I stumble these days, it's because of a very specific aversion that perplexes me and, yes, has definitely cost me clients. I can't stand to talk on the phone anymore. Anytime I have to interview someone, I have to psych myself up. And I'm good at the interviews! I'm fast, friendly, perceptive! But the dread just drags me down, and I know I'm not the only one. A Facebook friend had to speak to me urgently - but only via chat. "Don't call me, I'm phone-phobic these days," she said. And I get it.

But guys, we all spent HOURS on the phone in high school, right? Like, not even talking, just watching TV "with" our friends. So. Much. Time. On the telephone.

Maybe I used up my phone time early.

I did get an old-school handset that turns my iphone into a Princess phone. Which has made a huge difference, actually. It's snazzy. Only trouble is I keep trying to "hang up" the receiver instead of pushing the button. Another activity I excelled in in high school.

Welp. Now you know. I'm off to -- **shudder** -- call someone now.

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