Friday, April 28, 2006

Sometimes when I'm working, I get sidetracked

For instance, today, I was looking for relationship books so I could get story ideas. As I trolled publishers' sites, I came across one that had a book on mini-meditations. I've done enough "100 Ways To..." stories to know that mini-ANYTHINGS can come in handy.

Then again, is this mini-meditation something that I really WANT to come in handy?

Going to the Toilet

It’s quite relaxing to go to the toilet. At least one sphincter has to relax completely or it’s not worth going there at all. When you let one muscle go, others can relax in sympathy. Furthermore, the toilet may be the only place where no one will disturb you. You can always grab a few extra seconds there and no one will complain.

The Buddha was the first person to recommend urinating as a meditation object. This is a practice that is at least 2,500 years old. A psychologist friend reminded me of this recently. He says he goes to the toilet in the five minutes between clients, and lets everything go along with the urine. He gets so relaxed in those few seconds he says he can barely hold his balance.

In Western literature, it is surprising how often the toiled is regarded as a suitable place for deep thought. You sit down and settle into your body. You relax and wait, and randomly survey the state of the nation. Not surprisingly, bright ideas can arise and you feel relaxed for minutes afterwards. An excellent meditation!

Going to the toilet

* As you approach the toilet, sigh in anticipation.
* Get out of your head and into your body. Feel the pressure in your bladder.
* As you urinate, close your eyes and sigh deeply.
* Feel all the muscles of your body loosening in sympathy.
* Don’t hurry to finish. No one will disturb you.
* After the last drop, stay motionless for a few seconds more. Enjoy that space with nothing to do.
* Walk away with a smile on your face."

Source: Flip the Switch, by Eric Harrison


the beige one said...

Do people really need to be told how to do this? I thought everyone did it this way...

There are people doing it in an uptight fashion? What the hell?

tbo - one man peanut gallery

Starchild said...

that's gross.

and there is a typo in that mini-story.

i am filled w/ fury. and urine. I think i pee and go #2 kinda uptight. i don't want to meditate, I want to get out of the area.