Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Now I'm feeling really unpopular.

Here are some things that happened today:

1. An editor wrote back in response to pitches, saying they were all bad.
2. Another editor still didn't write back in response to pitches.
3. A job that I thought I was overqualified for, but would get, was given to someone more qualified.
4. My agent didn't email me back.

I did, however, hear from an editor who wants a revision. So I've got that going for me, and that's nice.

Also nice: the continuing reaming of Alloy because of the "How Opal" scandal. People that I personally hate, because they personally effed over me and my friends, are getting mentioned, a LOT, in print. Unfaaaavorably. So I can sit in my comfortable chair of schadenfreude, by Ikea.


the beige one said...

gimme linky to Alloy mess!

the beige one said...

so, uhm, did you ever write for these guys? Some of thise practices sound more than a little shady

Madfoot said...

I did, I did indeed! I wrote two flat-fee books for them, which was fine because I barely had to revise. Then that Josh Banks fella tricked me into writing a proposal for a series called "The A List," just as they mention in the Observer article. Sure enough, the proposal sold, but they used another writer for the series, and I never got a dime for the work I did. I'm soooo glad Alloy is finally getting egg on their face. Though I'm sure it'll roll off them like... er... egg off a duck's back...