Friday, June 09, 2006

Hey! Maybe I have a brain disorder!

So thanks to Anna David's excellent writing blog, yesterday, I learned that "working in the highly competitive, glitzy and sexually charged atmosphere of a celebrity-driven fashion periodical" pushed super crazy-o Peter Braunstein over the edge.

The hell you say! Maybe that's why I'm so unsatisfied with my freelance career. Maybe I became addicted to the glitz and sexual charges when I was working at a women's magazine, where my main responsibility was finding new and innovative ways to make fun of celeb paparazzi shots. I have a brain disorder! I won't be right in the head till I'm back on staff and referring to Tom Cruise as "Sir Hunky Nutcase."

Based on this self-diagnosis, I'm going to hire a lawyer and sue People Magazine for a spot on their editorial team. Watch me!


ThursdayNext said...

Good, because frankly I think you can do a better job than "Brangelina." Seriously.

Oh, and I would pay more than a few bucks for a People Mag to see you take on Paris. :)

annalytical said...

so good to hear from you, amy kaye, and thanks muchly for the comments/plug. isn't it nice that we can use this brain disorder business as an excuse for every potential problem in our future?! and damn if i don't relate to your invoice drama. my current gripe is an extremely mainstream magazine that assigned me a massive feature, made me turn it in ASAP, rewrite twice, absolutely loved, then held and decided they couldn't find the right art for suddenly paying me a kill fee! i wrote the editor, a nice guy, and calmly explained that seeing as he wasn't docked pay because the art dept. killed the story THE MAGAZINE ASSIGNED, it didn't seem remotely appropriate that i would be. sigh! i could email gawker about it but then again is it really news since isn't the punch line of any joke involving a writer that the writer always gets screwed?! anyway lovely to hear from you and adding a link from my site to yours...xxa

Madfoot said...

This doesn't smell right: I've never heard of the art department having that much pull over edit. I really want to know what happens with this one, because JEEZ!

I had a similar sitch with a magazine once, and when I pointed out this was an assigned piece, I got paid the full amount even though they decided not to run it.

God. Horrible. Best of luck with that, and holy crap!