Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The tragedy of the unpaid invoice

What's a girl to do when she wrote a story over a year ago, but her editor left before it got edited?

Or the magazine folded before she got paid?

Or she's invoiced like three times to no avail, and her editor is too "slammed" to look into it?

According to my spreadsheet, I have $6,245 in unpaid crap from 2005. I remember, from when I was an editor, that all you want to do is get your copy in, and since you get a regular paycheck, you really don't think of things like how the check will get from you to your freelancer. I also remember that I had enough to deal with, what with office politix and deadlines and pitch meetings and brainstorming meetings and meeting meetings ... I didn't deal with the business end if I could help it.

But I'm dyin' here.

It's time for my dream gig to make an appearance. My day-job in shining armor and a 401K. I don't have the energy to pitch anymore; today I ran every errand on my list just to stave off having to think. Okay, so it was raining and I'm notoriously unproductive in the rain. But still. I crave a routine, a predictable day, a job that I can sink my teeth into without the distractions of chasing down the next gig and the last check at the same time. Woe is me! Meh!


the beige one said...

pliz to clarify: day-job = in-house writer?

Day jobs suck the mighty one, ya know.

Madfoot said...

No, more like web editing. Staff writing jobs pay badly, and are hard to find at that. If it weren't for the price tag, that WOULD be my dream job... sigh. I still don't know how much my mysterious dream job, for which I interviewed 2 days ago, pays. It's so odd, but lastely, that's how companies are playing it.

Day jobs might suck, but not dream jobs. I had one for four years b4 I was laid off. It was so awesome!

ThursdayNext said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed about the mysterious dream job. ;) All I want these days is my own damn desk instead of sharing one with a gazillion people that is laden with mouse poop.