Friday, July 07, 2006

Sports writers have all the fun

God! Seriously! Whenever I read the sports pages or the official Mets web site, I think, "Jeez, I would love to be doing that, but I don't know a pick-and-roll from a hail-mary."

The Oscar Madisons of this world describe emotions, atmosphere, personalities. They rail against injustices. They develop themes that pop up throughout their articles, ending with a neat callback to the first graf. God! Sports writers do some fun writing.

I don't know, maybe the secret is to work for a daily paper where there just isn't time to scrutinize every word, or for hand-wringing over "hitting the right tone" or "voicing to our audience." You can't edit things to death when they're already halfway out the door -- or maybe this is just a romantic notion. I really have no idea, I've only worked in magazines.

I just would love to write like a sports writer, but about other stuff. Imagine? UCCCH, apparently I can't, as I just tried and the results are not, as they say, fit to print.

Hey, are you people as annoyed by I am by the popularity and endless emailability of that fricking Shamu story? What? Wasn't there a book about using dog-training principles in your relationships, like five years ago? Now she's going to get a book deal. I'm seven shades of green.


ThursdayNext said...

M y
E ntire
T eam
S ucks!


I think the Yankee website has better sports writing.

Madfoot said...

I can not believe I just allowed that to post. Freedom of speech, people.

the beige one said...

Just glad the friggin' Yankees have been pulled back to earth during the season thus far.

twobuyfour said...

I love sports writers. I think they have a very classic scenario in which to exercise their abilities. There's usually a winner and a loser. There's almost always a noteworthy turning point or point of no return in the event. Plus, they generally care about that which they're covering. How great is that?

Madfoot said...

Right, that's the other thing, and it's sorely missing from most other writey-stuff, as far as I can tell. I know it's difficult for me to muster up enthusiasm for yet another 10-romance-this or 8-dateworthy-that.

Which means I may indeed be projecting my non-thusiasm on the rest of the journalistic spectrum... but I think I'm reading a lot of bored writers lately, which is why sports writing jumps out at me.

Starchild said...

See, I watch college football or whatever sport, but it has to be one I know something about, in my native language. then, i hear the innocuous crap they spout which, if you remember "broadcast news" the movie, no doubt is spouting into their ears by someone knowledgeable, OR they read over some teletype, or whatever, and I think, I could get paid 6 or 7 figures to spout that exact same useless trivia, and be a hell of a lot funnier too. Why do these boobs have these jobs. I want to make more money saying absolutely nothing important about a college football team/game/coach/play, whatever.
then it hits me, it's like what you said, Amy, a while back...

"The deal is, you get paid to write stuff, but you're not paid to, you know, reminisce about your college boyfriend or make fun of passersby.."

but why can't you get paid to do that? I mean, look what sports commentators say on TV. it's WAY less meaningful and fun and entertaining than cracking on Andy! ;)