Monday, July 17, 2006

"Will there be snacks?"

Yesterday I heard A.M. Homes on the radio, talking about what it was like to accept a job working on The L Word rather than working from home, as she's done for even longer than I have. "I loved it," she said, "but I worried before I started there: Can I do a job? I have no skills. Will there be snacks? What if I get tired, will they let me lie down?"

My favorite job, the one I moon over endlessly with an ardor I don't even reserve for lost humans, did have snacks. And couches -- well-used ones. And the edge it had over freelance was that when I left, I was done -- no lying in bed, trying to ignore the siren call of my closed-but-blinking laptop.

Oh, for the halcyon days of Hearst. Oh, for a job like that now! The nineties are over. What will it be like if I get a job now? Is there an L Word for me? (Oh god, don't answer that -- I can think of all too many.)


devildoll said...

i think snacks & naps should be mandatory on jobs.

ThursdayNext said...


Well, my students snack when I teach and leave doritos on the floor for mice to get at, and I would say that 33.3% of my first and second period classes naps when I work (teach).

So I got both covered!

Madfoot said...

No, no, dearest Thursday -- YOU are the one supposed to snack and nap. Others engaged in these activities can only be objects of reproach unless you can join in too.

Perhaps I might suggest MovieDay so you can do both?