Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Deadlines A-Poppin'

Ha ha. Remember a few posts ago when I said I was going to get everything in early? That was funny. I completely forgot to enter a couple little deadlines into my iCal, which means I'm notified of missed deadlines by a worried-sounding email from an editor.

Also: sometimes when you tape things, the tape fades out after ten minutes and you have to reconstruct a 90-minute interview from memory.

On the upside, I've gotten assignments galore. If I can just keep getting crap done (after PUTTING SAID CRAP IN MY iCAL), I'll be in really good shape at the end of the month. But I'm juggling. Naked terror is keeping the balls in the air. So far, so good...


ThursdayNext said...

is an iCal your calendar on your Mac?

Early is overrrated, Coz.

Madfoot said...

YES, darling: it's a Mac thing, you wouldn't understand. Heh. The coolest thing about iCal is you can set it to email you, like, half an hour before therapy so you remember to get in the car and go.

Apparently early is overrated. Here is my list that I was to tackle today, in the wake of overlapping deadlines:

7am: interview Celibacy Expert
call Tequila Restaurant in NY
call Tequila Expert in NY
Write up Celibacy

10am: interview Other Celibacy Expert

11:30 talk to Tequila Expert in LA

12 try to call Tequila Expert in Chicago
1pm Doctor Appt

And yet! Here it is, 9am, and I'm yawning in my jammies. Once again, these resolutions are hiLARious. I am so efficient. I am a successful freelancer. Cue self-loathing!