Friday, August 18, 2006

Satire For Fun And ... Well, Just Fun

Okay. So I realized I'm awash in deadlines, particularly for this crazy tequila story that's currently yanking my chain. But I saw an article in the Times today that reminded me of the most annoying thing I ever read, and that inspired me to (1) learn google pages and (2) use that knowledge to create a magnificent work of satire.

At the bottom of the page are the two articles that I mashed up to create my masterwork. Once you read the two links, the whole thing will become clear, I think... I hope so, anyway.

So you have to go offsite to read my brilliance today. But it is so worth it! Honest!


the beige one said...

Yes it was worth it, danke.

That shrew from the SFC...ugh, words can't describe.

Madfoot said...

isn't she something! I remember being that young and arrogant. Ah, life will teach her a thing or two... or it won't.

The Chron got scads of hate mail and is all "what? it's a joke! jeez!" nice paper. WHAT EVS!

ceendee said...

i mostly love that the woman from the preservationist society in the times article is named Clementine Cecil. see, another one!

Madfoot said...

What the! I totally missed that! SEE?

Jenny Rough said...

I came across you blog through another link. I enjoyed reading through your postings this morning and procrastinating on my article assignments!