Friday, November 27, 2009

Epic Flail

Did I mention this yet? I got laid off from the web-copywriting job. At first, I thought this would spur me to new and greater freelance efforts, but I am feeling paralyzed. I actually have made some great strides, contacting people and trying out for various really cool-sounding gigs. On the other hand, when it comes to pitching specific articles, I find myself at a loss. How did I ever do this?

My posts are forced, right now, to be short and frantic. I just don't have the luxury of thinking deeply, and that panic is probably really bad for my actual writing. But time is at a premium, and so is energy and focus.

This is it. This is me making this work for real. I must find a baseline gig and pile individual assignments on top of it in the middle of the worst job market in the history of forever. See? I just paralyzed myself again, I AM SO BAD AT THIS!

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