Monday, January 04, 2010

I'll Send An SOS To The World

Sigh. It was easy to pretend I was on vacation like everyone else for the past two weeks -- holiday season, entire family in town, and festivities galore. But here we are: it's Monday, and I'm sitting here pitching my little heart out.

I'm discouraged by two near-misses of really great contributing-editor gigs. Each time I came SO close -- down to just a few candidates, which should make me feel great. When I was an actress, it was so easy to say "wow, I really came close, yay me!" For some reason, as a writer, I have a harder time. Maybe because I knew I was a terrible actress, so getting anything was a bonus. But I'm actually a pretty good writer, so not getting anything feels like a blow.

Well, anyway, let's look forward. Hello, 2010! Lend me your gigs! Back to the pitchery!

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