Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Damn you, Craigslist Rants and Raves!

I just spent an HOUR answering this poll! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

childhood memories poll - my answers
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Date: 2006-03-15, 12:30PM EST

1. current age: 38

2. town/city where you grew up: a biggish town in NJ

3. siblings? where do you fall in the order?: 3, I'm 3rd out of 4


4. favorite toy: a white poodle I named "Fluffy dee Dumpty"

5. first crush: Harpo Marx

6. first fight: not till like 10th grade, an awful girl at my school.

7. best birthday memory: One summer me and my friends threw surprise parties for everyone's bday. They were all really fun in their own ways. Tons of roller skating, slumbering, and ouija boards.

8. most memorable 'outfit': I had these awesome HUGE bellbottoms with my name on a patch on the knee. Oh wait, the summer of 1976 I wore the same cutoff shorts with a rope belt and a tank top that said "Spirit of '76" as often as my mom would let me, which was a lot, her having four kids and all.

9. favorite meal: Takeout from the chicken place, which stapled 2 plates together with the chicken and french-fries inside it so everything was really steamy. We would get this when my parents were going out for the evening. Terrible that this is my favorite remembered meal, because my mom was a great cook, but nothing beat the excitement of fried chicken and french fries on a stapled plate.

10. nostalgic snackfood: Black-and-white cookies

11. music i heard in my house: Beatles, the Weavers, the Incredible String Band, whatever classical music was on QXR, Arlo Guthrie, Brewer and Shipley, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Loggins & Messina ... amalgam of my parents' taste and my older sisters' taste.

12. best friend: Heather

13. favorite cartoon/show: Gumby & Pokey

14. memorable scent: Pine needles from when we went to Maine each summer

15. craziest relative: My uncle Robby, who would pay my cousin $5 to sneak him beers because he wasn't allowed to drink at family gatherings because he'd always get shitfaced and racist/nasty.

16. my famous phrase: "Pump-kin pie. Pump-kin pie. Stick your head in a pump-kin pie."

17. imaginary friend? remember their name? Yes, her name was Tele, pronounced "tuh-LEE," and my mom really missed her when she stopped showing up.

18. funnest vacation: Disneyland the summer I turned 5!

19. one of the times you laughed until you cried: When Mariette stuffed green grapes in her mouth till it was so full she couldn't close it, and then she DID, and the grapes exploded and the juice dribbled all over the ground. The same summer, she also whispered "Loose niiiiight" into Fran's ear while Fran was drinking milk and eating apple pie and she spit it all over the table. My sisters would make me laugh until I could not breathe on a daily basis, but I can't remember what they exactly did; I think it involved imitating our parents... we were all completely insane.

20. favorite grade? school subject? I hated school because I was one of those kids who got teased. I guess 3rd grade was OK because Miss Wandrasko was nice. My favorite subject was always reading.

21. most embarrassing moment: Too awful to contemplate.

22. best sneaky tactic: I'm a horrible sneak. I can't get away with anything. Seriously.

23. what did you "want to be when you grow up": A fantastic ACTRESS!!!

24. how close are you to that as an adult: Not very!!! I'm a writer, which is exactly what my mom predicted I would be.

25. warmest childhood memory: Fire in the fireplace, my sisters banging one of those cylinders of dough against the bricks so we could make biscuits. OMG, that makes us sound like suburban hillbillies!!

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