Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Who wants to get the worm, anyway?

Not me. That's why I'm not the early bird. I was dropping off The Bear this morning and just thought, "I'll run errands now instead of later. I'll be home by 10 and working on all that stuff I forgot about yesterday,and I won't have to worry about knocking off at noon to do this stuff." So now it's 11:18, the coffee is finally brewing, and I'm already overwhelmed at the number of things that have to be done by 4:15.

Not to mention that yesterday, after I recommitted to this particular method of avoiding work (as opposed to, say, asking the people of Craigslist why there's no shopping on Sunday in Bergen County, or puzzling over the lyrics of Echo and the Bunnymen, or praising the joys of microwaved grits and poached eggs in the Weight Watchers forums, or cooking and freezing two weeks' worth of individually wrapped chili portions), I was overwhelmed with the clever and witty things I would comment on today, when I returned to my blog. Of which I can remember exactly zilch.

When I was a teeny tiny twenty year old standup comic, I used to walk around with a li'l notebook and write down stuff that would later become funny. Do I really need to do that again? Because there's something very gaytarded about the whole exercise of pulling out a notebook and scribbling "donuts look delicious." I still have those notebooks and, when I re-read them, I have no idea what I was talking about half the time. Kind of like when I re-read my senior thesis. Still, the fact that these days, it's one of those long n' slim, maxipad-sized reporters notebooks (designed to stick out of stuff so people notice and think, "oh, there goes a journalist -- I wonder if she's gonzo?) might lend the whole scene a little more gravitas. Maybe I'll give it a shot.

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Starchild said...

EXACTLY, as I've ALWAYS said, WHO WANTS TO CATCH FLIES???? really? I mean it.