Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Rededication to the cause

Wow, that was some hiatus from wasting time. I had a temporary gig launching a website for a really cute magazine. I won't say what it was, except to ask, "How profitable was that?" The answer: Pretty profitable, till the deal changed and I had to commute to Westchester for the gig. Then it was just painful. Have you ever dealt with the Saw Mill Parkway? It's very picturesque. Picturesque being about #943 on my list of things I look for in a gig.

So here I sit, all broken-hearted... no wait. Here I sit, back in my the Dungeon of Clutter, with several stories due. One, in fact, due last night. All my interviews are done. I simply have to take the assignment, mash in quotes, and spit it out. It should, by all rights, take 1 hour to do and 1 hour to revise into the English language. Wouldn't it be great if I were actually doing it?

The above paragraph -- originally I wanted to do some weird take on Hegel re: thesis, antithesis, and synthesis, but I couldn't make the "antithesis" part right. Which reminded me of a story: I knew someone who worked on Northern Exposure, and in the final episode, the Aidan guy was supposed to say something about "thesis, antithesis, and synthesis," but as a joke he said "Reese's pieces." Which prompted a lady in the catering department to quip, "Oh darlin', you really are a dim bulb, aren't ya."

Could there be higher praise for someone as stupidfunny as myself? I think not. Hail to you, Aidan-guy.

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Starchild said...

his name is john corbett, and I personally liked him better than Big, but Big was better for Carrie. i am no Carrie.